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About us

The trip to India is a human adventure, not comparable to other places in the world, the traveler who chooses this type of travel has the possibility to discover the fascinating reality of the Indian world, even when you think you already know. The trip in fact puts us in contact with other ways of living, other religions, other ways of seeing the world and its history.
In this travel... we can find ourselves and others.
The East with its old fascination certainly evoke strong emotions, which inevitably will clash with your imagery.
India is, by definition, the Orient!!!
Every manifestation of life appears exaggerated, is a land of contrasts: next to the sumptuous palaces of Maharaja, we can see camps of beggars, beautiful peacocks who seek food among mounds of garbage; sacred cows crossing the roads used by a traffic impossible, and that often help to stop.
The pace of life, especially in cities is very sustained, it is often hectic, but suddenly you can stand to watch demonstrations of moving spirituality: this last point is recurrent, and characterizes the entire trip.

Welcome to India with ... Vivindia!